Your Questions Answered:

What is a life coach?
A life coach is someone who works with you to bridge the gap between where you are in your life ("Point A"), and where you want to be ("Point B"). They help you gain clarity and provide support in navigating the obstacles standing between you and what you want. A life coach helps you reach your desires with more ease and efficiency. Working with a life coach can help you find meaning in life's challenges, grow in self awareness and develop personally, including learning tools and strategies to support yourself, achieve your goals and live a more fulfilling life.

What's the difference between a life coach and a consultant?

A consultant teaches you how to do something by telling you exactly what to do. A coach will not tell you what to do but they will work with you so you can find your own truth, answers, and empowered actions that are best for you. Have you heard the saying "Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime?" A coach will teach you tools and methods you can use way beyond when the coaching experience ends. You'll learn tools you can use for life.

What is a coaching session with Marie like?

In a coaching session you can expect me to listen intently and ask questions to probe deeper. It's very much an intuitive process thats structured loosely in order to focus on what you need - and that can differ from session to session and person to person. I'll offer observations and insights (where appropriate). I may assist you in processing what you have experienced so you can move forwards. I'll use tried, tested and proven strategies in order to help you to find your own healing, navigate challenges and move into your desired future. I'll draw on my own experience including healing from toxic relationships and creating healthy ones, changing career and navigating chronic pain - from this journey I've been on for the past 13 years.
What is hypnotherapy?
There are lot of misconceptions about hypnotherapy. This stems from a lack of understanding of what it is and how it's been used in entertainment with stage hypnotists getting people to do silly things like cluck like chickens! But stage hypnosis is only a very tiny percent of how hypnosis is actually used. When the hypnotic state is used in a Hypno-therapy setting, or even in self hypnosis, it is such a powerful tool we can all use to change our lives for the better. Hypnosis is a way of accessing our subconscious mind which is the part of us involved in our emotions, beliefs, instincts and habitual behaviours - and sometimes these just need an update to help us function better! 
The hypnotic state is actually an everyday occurrence. When we are engrossed in an activity like reading a book, watching a movie, playing a sport, dancing, or creating something - we are in a form of hypnosis. If you've ever driven somewhere and arrived at your destination, but you've not consciously remembered the journey of how you got there, or if you've ever had the feeling of falling asleep - along with a 'duel awareness' of being aware of the environment you are in - you have experienced a form of hypnosis.
The hypnotic state is what we experience when we are in the R.E.M sleep dreaming state - and we are totally immersed in our experience of another world. And when we are growing in the womb, we actually spend three months in this R.E.M. state. It's where we learn our unconscious instincts - which are essential for our survival. So in hypnotherapy this natural state that we enter into everyday is utilised in order to update our emotional processing, beliefs, and habits so we can live a more satisfying life. 
What will a hypnotherapy session with Marie be like?
A hypnotherapy session with Marie is similar to a coaching session but with the addition of some deeper work in hypnosis. I'll listen intuitively and ask questions. I may suggest exercises in order to bring about your desired change. But in a hypnotherapy session we also use the hypnotic state to work deeply with the subconscious to bring about your desired change more powerfully.
If you've ever tried to make a change in your life with just will power alone - you might have experienced how difficult it can be! That's why it's so beneficial to get the subconscious on board as well with hypnosis. Coaching and things like journalling definitely still reach the subconscious mind but the hypnotic state can bring about changes more efficiently by going straight to the root of a problem.
In order to enter hypnosis, I use gentle techniques that encourage your progressive relaxation (it can feel similar to a guided meditation or if you've ever been to a yoga or exercise class and experienced a guided relaxation at the of class). Although in the hypnosis session this relaxation is tailored and personalised to you. Then once you are in a relaxed or focused state we then work with the subconscious mind to bring about your desired changes. 
What will the actual hypnosis feel like?
Everyone is different so they may experience hypnosis differently but some common experiences are to have a kind of duel awareness of being aware of your body in the room and of the words being said, at the same time as another part of you drift offs or relaxes deeply. You may feel a comfortable heavy feeling of your body sinking into relaxation.
Many people find that, once they have used hypnosis to help them in one area of their life, they are opened up to the limitless possibilities of how it can help them in many other areas as well. It can also be a fascinating experience and tool to use to learn more about ourselves, how our subconscious mind works and how it makes representations of our experiences!
What else can you tell me about what working with Marie?
I'll be working with you at your pace whilst gently encouraging you along your path - one self-empowered step at a time! I'll be a guide on your own journey to know, love and accept yourself. I will support and give accountability for your commitment to yourself and your goals. All so you can develop feelings of confidence and self empowerment to live life on your terms.
How can you work with Marie?
You can book single sessions or packages for coaching or hypnotherapy here. For those that want support 'on the go' - I also offer a monthly subscription for virtual coaching.
I offer packages for 4, 12 and 24 sessions. The packages include a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy so you can receive the maximum benefits. Hypnotherapy techniques are very effective for processing emotions, healing the past and updating our unhelpful habitual behaviours. And ​Life coaching is positive and focused on getting results, - so together - the two are a very powerful combination! 
Where and why did you become a Hypnotherapist and a Life Coach?
I experienced hypnotherapy a few times and always found it to be a completely fascinating experience. When I was struggling to move on from a toxic relationship, I had a hypnotherapy session that really helped me reclaim my energy and to leave the relationship in the past - and I was actually blown away with the transformation from just one session. Prior to that I had studied Psychology at University. But after experiencing hypnotherapy - I decided to become a hypnotherapist myself.
I started hypnotherapy training in 2013 at the London Institute of Clinical Hypnosis. Since then, I've added further training in hypnotherapy and life coaching and I enjoy learning more through study and life experience. Here are some of my certificates:
degree cert whittle.png
Do you have any more questions on how coaching or hypnotherapy with Marie can help you in your life?
If you do, please feel free to get in touch or book a complimentary call and we can have a chat. 

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