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Experience Your Healing Revelation After Narcissistic Abuse

~Whatever Stage Of Your Journey~


A Narcissist Is Giving You Problems

You've been in a relationship with a narcissist and you feel mentally confused, physically drained & emotionally challenged. 

You wonder: Why can't I stop thinking about them? Is it normal to feel like this? Why can't things go back to how they were? Did that bad stuff really happen. Damn, the good times were amazing. Why did they change? Why can't I just let go and move on?

You want to feel protected & free from the mental torture. You want to feel worthy, peaceful & confident. You want to move on and feel like yourself again!


After The Narcissist 

You moved on from the narcissist! Woohoo! You are no longer attached or affected by them.

But you want to make sure a relationship with a narcissist never happens again, and you don't know how to protect yourself. You have a tendency to put other peoples needs and feelings before yours and not speak up for yourself. You want the love story with a happy ending, but you loose yourself in relationships.

You wonder: Is it selfish to need or want that? Why do people take advantage of me? Should I feel this? How can I protect my energy around other people? 

You want to feel seen, validated & protected. Ultimately, you want healthy relationships.

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Dating & Finding Love

You've moved on and recovered after a bad relationship. You've spent a significant amount of time single & unattached, focusing on yourself and your healing.You feel better within yourself.


Now you want to date and find a healthy romantic relationship with someone genuine, kind & attractive.

You wonder: How can I avoid another narcissist/emotionally unavailable/inappropriate person? Maybe finding love after narcissistic abuse isn't possible? What is a healthy relationship - and how can I have one? Why is finding love so difficult?

You want to feel safe to actually enjoy the process of dating . You want to find a relationship that feels warm, inviting, secure and loving. When it comes to love, you want it all.

Not Sure What You Need?  Let's Connect. 

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