Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching With Marie

Experience Your Healing Revelation After Narcissistic Abuse

` Whatever Stage Of Your Journey `

  • Heal from the Inside Out

  • Become Self-Empowered 

  • Have an incredible relationship, with yourself and others

  • And Create the Life of Your Dreams!




If you’ve been in a narcissistic relationship, there's a couple of things you should know. 


1. Healing is Possible

I know this from experience. I don’t just mean get over a bad relationship, I mean totally transforming yourself (and your life!). A tree planted in the wrong environment will not grow, but if planted and nourished in the right soil it will flourish! If you put yourself in an environment conducive to your healing - you will heal!

2. You Deserve to Heal and Move Way Beyond This

You don’t need to believe this right now, but start to open yourself up to this as a possibility. Thoughts and feelings such as "Maybe I deserved this on some level?", “I can’t heal”, or “I will never get over this, ” are simply thoughts and feelings. They are limiting beliefs and beliefs can be changed. 

Working with a coach or mentor can help you to heal and create a better reality for yourself with greater ease, clarity and support. I place a large part of my own healing to working with someone who had ‘been in my shoes’ and had empathy and insight into what I was experiencing.


That's why I am delighted to support others using hypnotherapy and coaching to create an environment where:

  • YOU can experience healing in your own life

  • YOU can take your own self empowered steps

  • YOU can develop personally

  • YOU can become YOUR own greatest healer

  • so YOU can achieve your goals in healing and in life

If you have experienced narcissistic abuse (or you suspect you have), either in your past or in your present and you would like to receive personal support and guidance as you heal and create the life you desire, then you might like to work with Marie. 


Heal yourself by taking one self-empowered step at a time


I am talking about taking a journey to completely transform your relationship with yourself, with others, and with life. By taking one small, but powerful, self-empowered step at a time to create true lasting change. Your old life might have included relationships with people who could not see, hear or appreciate you. But your new life, a life of what you desire, well, you can start creating that life right now! And it all starts with you!

So why might you want coaching or hypnotherapy? 


From navigating your way through life's challenges, to changing habits, developing personally and reaching your goals in life - working with a coach can get you where you want to go - quicker and with more ease than if you were to travel alone!

In order to get where we want to go, we need to uncover where we are.

If you have experienced narcissistic abuse, coaching or hypnotherapy could be for you if you relate to any of the points listed below. There is a degree of overlap, so it's possible that you’ll relate to different points at different times. So maybe you need to; 


1. Recognise Narcissistic Abuse And Its Effects On You, And 

  • You are in a toxic relationship, or you suspect you might be, because something doesn’t feel quite right

  • You feel confused and it seems like no one understands what you are going through

  • You can’t decide whether or not to leave the relationship or go no contact

  • You have a pattern of attracting relationships with narcissists 

  • You struggle to take care of yourself 

  • You lack confidence and have feelings of being worthless, not good enough, or that there’s something wrong with you

  • You feel stressed or are experiencing stress related illness


2. Remove Yourself From Someone Toxic In Your Life (Physically or Energetically)

  • You are struggling to go and stay ‘no contact’ with someone toxic

  • You feel addicted to that person and you just can’t stop thinking about them 

  • You feel physically or emotionally exhausted - like you have no energy 

  • You don’t feel like yourself anymore. Maybe you are not even sure who you are 

  • Maybe you’ve moved on, but you are struggling to stop being affected by them, and to live a life of complete freedom and truly be yourself (this can apply no matter how long ago that relationship was)

  • You have had enough of feeling this way!


3. Recover Yourself And Your Emotions

  • You have a tendency to keep yourself busy and distracted 

  • You are emotional eating/ binge eating or not eating properly - or you have some other unhealthy habit/s 

  • You struggle to be present and feel your feelings

  • You feel low or depressed, fearful or anxious 

  • You are not sure what self-love is, or how to develop it

  • You feel some other strong emotions which may include: numbness, anger, rage, sadness, shame or guilt, and you want some support with how to process them. 

  • You know something is stopping you moving on in some way. e.g. you have a lingering needy feeling inside or some recurring negative limiting beliefs or behaviour patterns


4. Recover From Being A People Pleaser/ Codependent/ Highly Sensitive Person

  • You feel exhausted around certain people like your energy is being sucked away

  • You don't have boundaries or are afraid to set them 

  • You feel powerless to life and other people 

  • You crave validation or approval from others

  • You have a fear of rejection and conflict

  • You felt invisible, unseen or misunderstood as a child




Feeling Uncertain or Overwhelmed?

Healing can feel pretty overwhelming at times, especially if you are not sure what you need to do. If you feel overwhelmed, approach this journey by focusing on what you are experiencing in the present moment. By taking small, but powerful (self-empowered) steps, one at a time, you WILL get to your desired destination.


You don’t need to do it all now, you just need to start. You’ve got this! But for now, I invite you to focus on what you really want and need. 


Do you desire bringing any of the following into your life?


5. Redesign Your Life

  • You want to be free from pain 

  • You desire to move forward and find ways to support yourself now and in the future

  • You want to heal your feelings, negative beliefs or programming 

  • You wish that you could just get over this, once and for all!

  • You want to make your life and your healing about YOU, so you know that, whatever happens to you in your life, you can support yourself 

  • You want to have the tools to deal with future challenges

  • You want to take back your power, and keep your own power (without feeling selfish)

  • You want to know who you are and ‘feel like yourself” again 

  • You want to learn how to support yourself and develop self love 

  • You want to bring more supportive, nurturing and loving relationships into your life 

  • You want to live a life based on your passions and your purpose 

  • Maybe you want to grow professionally, change your career to align more with who you really are, or become an entrepreneur by starting your own business

  • Ultimately, you want to feel safe, comfortable and confident to be you

  • You want to implement boundaries and stick up for yourself and what you want! (without an apology!)

  • You want to date again after narcissistic abuse (either now or in the future), but in a safe and healthy way

  • You want to manifest a healthy, loving and supportive long-term romantic relationship that warms your heart and blows your mind!

  • You want to manifest and live your dream life, the one you know you could be living

Part of healing is knowing what we want and need and creating healthy ways to meet those needs. We don't come out of the womb knowing how to heal and transform our life after narcissistic abuse, but we can learn how! 


So how can you bridge the gap between your current life and your desired life? 


By working with Marie, you will be working with someone who understands Narcissistic abuse, but more importantly, you will be working with someone who understands how to recover from it -  and transform your life for the better! There are different options for working with Marie, including single sessions, packages and subscriptions, so you can pick what's best for you. 


These options are for you regardless of:

  • How long you have experienced narcissistic abuse

  • Whether or not you are in a relationship 

  • Your stage of healing and your goals in life   

It's my wish that everyone, whether they have experienced narcissistic abuse or not becomes self empowered and learns tools and techniques that they can use to heal and develop themselves and their lives right now, and to have as part of their toolkit of resources to use whenever they need. That’s why I created these support options to assist you in your greatest healing and self development.


If you have read this far, it is clear that you are serious about your life and your healing. Which is fantastic! The question is, are you ready to start your journey with me? 


If you are ready to start healing and to change your life for the better, here are the steps to get started:

  • Click the "View Services" button below and pick the best option for you

  • Select “Book Now” directly under the service you would like 

  • You can then schedule and pay for your chosen service or session

  • You will receive an email confirmation with the required info you'll need to start receiving support!


I am so excited and honoured to get started working with you. Every step of the healing journey is a part of a radical transformation, YOUR radical transformation. So here's to you and your transformation!

If you want to get to know me a bit better, here's some more of my story: 


In 2006, I graduated with a degree in Psychology (BSc) from the University of York (U.K), having studied abroad for a year at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). In order to ‘get life experience’ I started work in the corporate world. Soon after, I began dating a narcissist.


I discovered this months into our relationship, when their increasing levels of control, rages and verbal abuse led me to search Google to find some answers. I found articles and websites on controlling behaviour and narcissism and I immediately recognised what had been happening to me.


I struggled to go no contact and leave the relationship, breaking my self imposed no contact rule, not once, but three times. But I promised myself that, once I'd figured out how to heal, I'd make it my mission to help others to do the same. 


Eventually I figured out how to leave and how to get over a relationship with a narcissist. But I continued to date narcissistic people, on and off, for a number of years. Some relationships took multiple attempts to move on from, others ended suddenly through physical abuse. 


Over time, I figured out that in order to really heal, I needed to develop a relationship with myself that was so strong, that nobody could destroy it. 


This did not happen overnight, I took the scenic route to healing, but I likes to think she took the scenic route, so you don’t have to! 


There was a time when I didn’t even know what healing was, what it looked like, felt like, or how to do it. I didn’t know what healthy relationships were, let alone how to have one. But I learned. I rebuilt myself and my life from the inside out. (And so can you!). 


I created a life I loved. I started travelling, changed my career and made exciting plans for my future. I learned to say ‘I love you” to myself, and mean it (it sounds cheesy but it's necessary!). I found a contentment to be myself that had not previously existed. 


I found my ‘happily-ever-after’ ....within myself!


And when I found this contentment in myself, I learned (through a fair bit of trial and error!) to accept more of that love from others. 


The Cherry On Top Of The Healing Cake


In 2016, I was working on a tiny island of just 200 residents off of Perth, Western Australia (called Rottnest Island) when I met David. I grew to feel safe, protected, and peacefully loved by this fun-loving gentle giant!


In 2017, we got married on one of the island's beaches, with the sun shining down, the sand between my toes (he had shoes on!), and love glowing in our hearts! 


But this did not happen by accident. It happened because I decided what I wanted and I went about creating it, systematically, one (self empowered!) step at a time. 


Our relationship was the cherry on top of the ‘happily-ever-after’ that I already found in myself.


Have you ever wondered, what the chances of finding love after narcissistic abuse are?


I used to wonder about this a lot. I figured because of my track record in dating, my chances of finding love were slim to none.


But I realised that this was just a negative belief. And it is false! Because actually, when you commit to heal from narcissistic abuse, the chances of finding love, with yourself AND with another, are very high. (especially when you pair it with the manifesting and dating strategy that I teach!)


I want everyone that has experienced narcissistic abuse, to find their own happily ever after, with themselves. And for them to share the happiness with others in whatever way they choose, whether through friendships, through love or through their work. Not as a fairy tale, but as their reality.


Finding your happily ever after, is not an ending, it is a beautiful beginning!


Maybe your dream beginning is to have a wonderful relationship with yourself, maybe it is to share wonderful relationships with others or feel a wonderful sense of community. Whatever your dream, after healing from narcissistic abuse, this is not a dream, this is your future reality.


And remember, healing is 100% possible. You can overcome your past, and you deserve to xx

Wishing you all the best on your healing journey.

Marie xx

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