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Marie has such a warm and compassionate personality. She makes you feel seen and understood while holding you up to the version of you you are thriving for. During my work with Marie, I felt like she knew exactly the kind of pain I had experienced in the past and I loved the way she guided me through that darkness and with her hypnotherapy into a lighter version of myself. Her hypnotherapy style is very calming and I love listening to her voice while she guides me through strong transformations. 

I can really see the change the sessions with Marie had on my life. I was willing to step up for myself and what I want & need in a way that I hadn’t before. Before working with Marie, I tended to fall into a lot of people-pleasing especially with the people in my life that I love. But you can’t pretend to be someone else just so that people continue to love you. For me that meant breaking up my relationship and leaving a business I started with a friend. These decisions opened my life up to more freedom and gave me the chance to explore what I want and who I truly am on an even deeper level. I can highly recommend working with Marie. If you are willing to change, she will be a compassionate guide and she will offer you such a powerful transformation with her hypnotherapy & coaching. 

Jessi C, ('My Time' 8 Session Package)

I had my first coaching session with the fabulous Marie yesterday and it was so powerful!

Felt like I went through so much healing in only one session. She has a beautiful, super empathetic way to guide you while still standing up for your highest self. If you've been through narcissistic abuse, I really, really want to recommend to you to work with Marie-Claire. She knows her stuff and she understands what it means to have been through this kind of abuse and pain. Can't wait for my next session. 

Jessi C, (Session 1 Of 'My Time' Package)

While I have done a lot of healing and therapy modalities, I found hypnotherapy with Marie to be inexplicably effective in releasing and relieving the sensations in my body and anxieties in my psyche. Marie is a fantastic facilitator, creating a relaxing and healing experience I would recommend to anyone. She has an amazing way of holding space and intuiting what is needed for the moment to facilitate real healing work. I can’t wait to observe the lasting and continued effects of this technique! Thank you, Marie!
Tabitha B, ('Make A Change' Hypnotherapy Session)

I am absolutely loving the Dating After Narcissistic Abuse course! I’m getting so much out of it! I I’ve watched the 1st video 3 times! I’m completing the workbook before I move onto the next lesson because this way I will get the most out of this course. Thank you so much Marie, you’ve really helped me heal already.

Aimee, (Dating & Finding Love Workshop)

Marie's voice is Hypnotheraperfect!!!!


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