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  1:1 Coaching Program  

  Heal Inside Out 

 After The Narcissist 

You Want To Feel Confident, Safe & Protected In Your Relationships.

You Want To Move Onto Healthy Relationships & A Fulfilling Life.

You Want To Make Sure A Relationship With A Narcissist Never Happens Again.


The narcissist is gone! You're over them! Woohoo! But despite being over them, something still feels off, inside of you.  

You find yourself craving validation & approval & feeling unconfident.

Your tendency to focus on pleasing others is leaving you unfulfilled.

You really want to be yourself without feeling guilty, selfish or ashamed. 

Theres an unpleasant residue of fear, negative thinking & strong feelings inside of you.

What was once an 'outer' narcissist has become an 'inner' narcissist - silently, (or perhaps loudly) thinking negatively & sabotaging you & preventing you from feeling confident, backing & expressing yourself - & it's affecting your ability to be able to live your life with peace & joy!

Quite possibly, it is also affecting your love life.


Perhaps, when it comes to love...

You have a pattern of being attracted to narcissistic or emotionally unavailable people. 

In your past, you stayed attached to someone inappropriate far too long when you realise you 'should have left'?

You feel fine on your own, but when you go back to dating, you end up with a familiar feeling of disapointment? You keep attracting narcissists or other inappropriate people on repeat.

Despite knowing all the red flags, you feel like nothings really changed. (And it's so frustrating!). It's like unfulfilling relationship groundhog day.

You identify with most (if not all) of the following:

You have a strong fear of rejection or of disappointing others.

It doesn't feel safe to be you.

You tend to loose yourself in relationships.

You edit yourself to avoid negative reactions from others.

You have low self worth & esteem.

You are overly concerned with other peoples approval.

You wonder if you'll ever feel truly confident to express who you are.

You feel conflicted - you want to stand up for & be true to yourself, but then you're filled with self doubt.

You are an over giver, over achiever or perfectionist.

You often question if you are "right to feel this way?"
You find yourself craving validation, safety & support.  
You often don't feel present in the moment.

You tend to be busy a lot of the time.

You struggle to voice your true feelings, even when you want to.

You wonder how you can protect your energy around others.

You are living a life that doesn't really fit the one you want.

These patterns of behaviour are codependent / people pleasing. (There is a good description of codependency on Mental Health America linked here.)


Codependent & people pleasing behaviours are often a precursor to (& effect of) a relationship with a narcissist. These patterns propel you into craving approval, love & validation outside of yourself
whilst inside feeling anxious, resentful, overthinking & doubting yourself

They constantly keep you looking outside of yourself for love, protection, reassurance & approval = exhausting!

They cloud your ability to know who you truly are, & how you really feel


They hold you back from feeling confident & knowing how to express your authentic self.


They lead to frustrating, unfulfilling & disappointing relationships with others.

​They completely rob you of healthy, supportive relationships.

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Whilst these psychological patterns may have been helpful coping mechanisms in the short term - long term, they are extremely damaging


In order to have a healthy relationship, it's essential to address any codependent or people pleasing patterns you have, no matter how trivial they seem.

You Are Not Alone  

I understand what it’s like trying to navigate your way through life whilst feeling completely held back by the need for validation & approval outside of yourself. This way of operating, lead to me almost being destroyed in some relationships & left me feeling deeply challenged & disappointed in others - in ways I never could have anticipated.  

My secret, seemingly innocuous, but chronic cycle of needing to feel approval of, coupled with a fear of disapproval, created havoc in my life.

It left me feeling completely unseen & unsupported, with no where, & no one to turn to. 


Not only did it get me into all sorts of difficulties with narcissistic people at work and at home, it also prevented me from having fulfilling relationships with healthy individuals.

People pleasing / codependency is a serious issue that needs to be healed if you want to experience peace & fulfilment, within yourself AND within relationships with others.

Many sweet, kind, highly sensitive empathic people with low self worth find themselves struggling after getting themselves into a pattern of people pleasing. I have seen it over and over again in my hypnotherapy practice.


These patterns of behaviours may have kept us under the radar and felt 'safe' in a relationship with a narcissist, but they are not helpful in our pursuit of having healthy relationships & a satisfying life.

Being a people pleaser has you constantly questioning what you can do to feel seen & supported in your relationships.  

It has you stuck on a hamster wheel of overwhelm, exhaustion (& health issues). But it is completely escapable.


It's possible to dramatically expedite your ability to feel confident, supported and valued in and out of your relationships.


Let me introduce myself:

I'm Marie,

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Coach

​I spent 5 years studying Psychology at College & University before training as a hypnotherapist and life coach.

I specialize in helping people break out of unhealthy relationship patterns that are creating unnecessary suffering in their life. I help them feel grounded, calm, confident & in control, in and out of their relationships. I help them regain their personal power without feeling like they are constantly struggling along the way. 

I created this specific program because I know how much of a struggle these kind of relationship patterns are and how we can get stuck, loosing ourselves, & our way in life trying to please others.


I know the in's and out's of recovery from my own past experience and from working with clients - kind, sensitive, capable people whose relationship patterns brought them a level of pain & confusion that destroyed their inner peace, & day by day robbed them of being the authentic, powerful human they were born to be.


​My coaching isn't a band aid solution, cheerleading or simple positive thinking. It's about getting to root of the issue and helping you make shifts that change how you think, feel and behave, for good.


When your inner reality changes, your outer reality changes. It's that simple.


Do you want nothing more than to stop this cycle & invite healthier people into your life. Including someone special that sticks around & show you consistently that they love, care and support you?


Do you want to finally change the pattens that kept you stuck dating narcissists & feeling unfulfilled & break free from unsatisfying relationships - for good?

Do You Want To Fully Recover From The Effects Of Narcissistic Abuse?


That's what the Inside Out Healing Program is for.


Life changing is an understatement.

"I was surprised by how much of a big impact it has had in my lifeMarie was born to do this!"
"I can really see the change the sessions with Marie had on my life. I was willing to step up for myself and what I want & need in a way that I hadn’t before."
"I really feel the difference. I feel at home with myself and in my decisions for myself."


Have healthy, supportive relationships.

Stop craving validation & approval. 

Stop fearing rejection. 


Feel connected & grounded in yourself.


Be able to express yourself with confidence & ease.

Feel safe, calm & protected.

Feel good about your relationships & what you give & receive.

Live a life true to yourself & free from fear, shame, obligation & guilt.

Protect yourself around negative people.

Have more energy.

Feel confident & secure in who you are & what you think & feel.

Know how to release anger, sadness, shame & guilt e.t.c.

​Overcome trauma symptoms (C-PTSD/ fear, helplessness e.t.c.).​

Feel calm throughout your entire day. 

Feel confident to communicate & set boundaries.

Help you to feel a sense of fulfilment and enjoyment in your life.


The Heal Inside Out program

will help you: 



"Opened My Life Up To More Freedom"

"I can really see the change the sessions with Marie had on my life. I was willing to step up for myself and what I want & need in a way that I hadn’t before.


Before working with Marie, I tended to fall into a lot of people-pleasing especially with the people in my life that I love. But you can’t pretend to be someone else just so that people continue to love you.


For me that meant making decisions that opened my life up to more freedom and gave me the chance to explore what I want and who I truly am on an even deeper level.


I can highly recommend working with Marie. If you are willing to change, she will be a compassionate guide and she will offer you such a powerful transformation with her hypnotherapy & coaching."


"“I Now Have The Communication Skills And Confidence I Need To Express Myself"

Before working with Marie, I was struggling with a lack of emotional support in my life. My circumstances were bringing up a lot of past pain and trauma that I realized I hadn’t fully dealt with.


I knew I needed support to process these past experiences in a safe container and this is when I discovered Marie’s Inside Out program. My sessions with Marie helped me feel heard and seen. She has such a warm and calming presence and I felt very safe to fully express myself with her and that’s exactly what I was looking for, especially since I had some trauma to unpack. 


I really appreciated the combination of coaching and hypnosis that Marie provided in our sessions because it gave me the opportunity to express myself and then go in and dig a little deeper and heal my past wounds. The combination was powerful and gave me lasting results that I am still benefiting from.


Thanks to the Inside Out program and working with Marie, I now have the communication skills and confidence I need to express myself so my emotions don’t become suppressed and I also know how to set healthy boundaries with others. This has not only helped me to take the next step forward as an entrepreneur, but it has also helped me to improve my relationship with myself, my romantic partnership, my friendships, and my family relationships, which has been a huge bonus! I've had more confidence to do things outside of my comfort zone and to take action steps to live my dreams now!


I highly recommend working with Marie if you’re someone who would like to heal from the inside out and strengthen yourself and your relationships along the way!


"Life Changing!"


Working with Marie was life changing! 


I absolutely recommend Marie to anyone who wants to change their life! If you’re feeling stuck, Marie can help you see the problem and overcome your obstacles. 


I never imagined hypnotherapy to be this effective but I guess with the right therapist you can achieve amazing results and change in a short period of time. 


I enjoyed working with Marie in every way. Working with Marie will change your life. So be ready for the change. Marie is amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️


"Inexplicably Effective"


"I had my first hypnotherapy session with Marie-Claire De Byl last night. Yesterday, I had been experiencing some generalized anxiety and physical tightness that often comes with my C-PTSD resulting from a lifetime of narcissistic abuse. While I have done a lot of healing and therapy modalities, I found the hypnotherapy with Marie to be inexplicably effective in releasing and relieving the sensations in my body and anxieties in my psyche.

Marie is a fantastic facilitator, creating a relaxing and healing experience I would recommend to anyone. She has an amazing way of holding space and intuiting what is needed for the moment to facilitate real healing work. I can’t wait to observe the lasting and continued effects of this technique! Thank you, Marie!"

I think of this Heal Inside Out coaching program as the ultimate narcissist repellant.

If You Want A Healthy Relationship & You Want To Stop People Pleasing - You Need The Heal Inside Out Coaching Programme.

Trying To Cope


It's likely that you have attempted to draw upon your own coping mechanisms & tools to help you. You've taken breaks from dating, moved on, gotten over them, done some healing work, learned the red flags of dating & narcissistic behaviors, read books on codependency, self development & empowerment, given yourself pep talks, self coaching & affirmations, & maybe tried some alternative healing modalities, yoga, self-care, energy work, tarot reading e.t.c.

Some of this stuff might have helped, but it hasn't solved your issue. You still find yourself over-giving & under satisfied in your life in general & in matters of the heart - attracted to, or tangled up with another inappropriate person, or someone emotionally unavailable. AGAIN.


It's not that you are doing anything wrong

It's just that people pleasing & codependency are learned patterns that don't just go away after the narcissist. 


Narcissistic abuse is not healthy. So even when you've left a narcissistic abuse situation, you can't just jump straight into a healthy way of relating. 


It's a situation with a nuance and complexity that can't be understood through an analysis of regular people in relationships. Plus the mind can be tricky when it comes to getting out of our unhealthy behaviour habits and into healthy confidence. 


Our relationships are a huge part of our identities and our life, & you do not need to suffer unnecessarily in underwhelming relationships for your entire life.  

My coaching works because it actually helps you to move past previous events & conditioning to change how you think, feel and behave - about yourself & the world - for the better.  During coaching, I'm also in your back pocket, or tucked away in your hand bag, accessible straight from your phone for 4 months.  This gives you the time and consistency you need to have deep breakthroughs and make lasting change.


The 1:1 Heal Coaching Program
Specifically Includes:  


x12 - 90 minute 1:1 sessions with me on Zoom. We'll dive in deep and get you out of this frustration. The Zoom sessions are designed for breakthroughs. My coaching & hypnotherapy hones in on your specific circumstance and blocks, helping you to quickly move through these issues. 

Session Follow Up - I will follow up after each session with information about your breakthroughs to help you fully implement changes throughout the week. This includes things like session summary, customized exercises...


Tailored Resources - I will provide recommended resources specific to your needs (videos, podcasts, books, & articles) to expedite your progress and reinforce the areas that need the most attention and transformation.


Bite Sized Coaching -  As you move through your week and implement the session breakthroughs, you may have questions arise or new challenges pop up - you reach out, I respond.  The bite sized coach recordings allow me to offer you coaching support within 24 hours of any given situation or concern.  

Investment: $1400 USD

If you would like to work with me...

Let's meet for a complimentary introductory session.  We'll talk about your situation and your goals, and you'll also get to experience a taste of hypnotherapy. We will both get a good idea of what working together will be like.


If it’s a fit - we will then get you signed up! 

(I don't know how long I will include this offer for a free hypnotherapy trial included as part of the introductory call, so if thats something you'd like to benefit from, book now to avoid disappointment).
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"She Guided Me Through That Darkness Into A Lighter Version Of Myself"

Marie has such a warm and compassionate personality. She makes you feel seen and understood while holding you up to the version of you you are thriving for. During my work with Marie, I felt like she knew exactly the kind of pain I had experienced in the past and I loved the way she guided me through that darkness and with her hypnotherapy into a lighter version of myself.


Her hypnotherapy style is very calming and I love listening to her voice while she guides me through strong transformations. 

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"I never imagined hypnotherapy to be this effective but I guess with the right therapist you can achieve amazing results and change in a short period of time."
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"Working with Marie will change your life. So be ready for the change. Marie is amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️"
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"Marie is a fantastic facilitator, creating a relaxing and healing experience I would recommend to anyone."


Are payment plans available?

Yes, there is a 3 month payment plan option. 

Can I record the calls?

Yes. We will have sessions on Zoom. By default, I don't record calls but there is a recording option available on request. ​

How do I sign up?

Once we do an introductory call and know it's a fit, I will provide you with the information to sign up.​

What if I feel like I only need a couple of sessions?

Having personally gone through the healing journey and coached others struggling, I know how long it takes to make changes needed to get you feeling and functioning better. 


This is not band-aid coaching. This program is a complete breakthrough, which is just what is needed after this kind of a relationship. This is an investment in lasting results that you can take with you throughout your life, and throughout all of your relationships.  

You have three programs, where shall I start?

My programs have been designed in the following order:

Step 1. Narc Detox. 

Step 2. Heal Inside Out After The Narcissist.

Step 3. Love Life - Date & Find Love After Disappointment.

Start with the program you relate to. If you relate to this program & The Narc Detox program, start with The Narc Detox.

I haven't completed your other coaching program, can I do this one?  

Yes! As long as you have completed steps similar to those in the Narc Detox program with say another coach or therapist (or you don't feel you need it). I will ask clarifying questions to ensure you are entering the right level program before enrolling you. 

I'm over the narcissist, can I skip ahead to your Love Life program?

I highly discourage that. If you relate to any of the struggles, traits & themes in this program, do not skip this step. I'd go as far as to say this step is the most important of all the three steps.

Can you tell me more about hypnotherapy?

Yes! I've made a separate section answering your hypnotherapy questions  which you can find below.

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"I really appreciated the combination of coaching and hypnosis that Marie provided in our sessions because it gave me the opportunity to express myself and then go in and dig a little deeper and heal my past wounds. The combination was powerful and gave me lasting results that I am still benefiting from."

Questions About Hypnotherapy

What is hypnotherapy?

When I look at the word hypnotherapy I see the combination of two words, 'hypno', as in hypnosis, and therapy. I explain hypnosis below. And in this instance therapy could be thought of as making something better.


Hypnotherapy uses the naturally occurring state of hypnosis to access the subconscious mind to help us in some way. Our subconscious mind is the part of us involved in our emotions, beliefs, instincts, & automatic, habitual & instinctual behaviours. Sometimes, like if we have had a toxic relationship, our subconscious emotions, habitual thoughts e.t.c need an update, just like when we need to update our computer software to help it function better! That's where hypnotherapy comes in.

What is hypnosis & what is it like?

The hypnotic state is actually a normal everyday occurrence. When we are engrossed in an activity we enjoy like reading a book, watching a movie, playing a sport, dancing, or creating something - we are in a form of hypnosis. If you've ever driven somewhere and arrived at your destination, but you don't really consciously remembered the journey of how you got there, or if you've ever had the feeling of falling asleep - whilst also being somewhat aware of the environment you are in - you have experienced a form of hypnosis. 


The hypnotic state is what we experience when we are in the R.E.M sleep state which is when we dream at night - and at that time we are totally immersed in our experience of another world. Interestingly, when we are growing in our mother's womb, we spend three months in this R.E.M. state. This is where we learn our unconscious instincts, - which are essential for our survival. In hypnotherapy, this natural state is utilised in order to update our emotional processing, beliefs, and habits so we can live a more satisfying life.

Why are you using hypnotherapy as part of this package?  

Because it works! It makes the process of desired change & healing more effective, for me & for you! If you've ever tried to make a change in your life with just will power alone - you might have experienced how difficult it can be! That's why it's so beneficial to get the subconscious on board as well with hypnosis. Coaching and things like journalling definitely still reach the subconscious mind but the hypnotic state can bring about changes more efficiently by going straight to the root of a problem. Hypnotherapy also has added benefits like helping you to relax, feel calm & grounded & soothe the mind & body - which we often really need, especially after narcissistic abuse.

Isn't hypnotherapy weird? 

I don't think so, I think it's a fundamental part of psychology. But there are lot of misconceptions about hypnotherapy that perhaps gave it a weird reputation. This probably stems from how it's been used in public entertainment where stage hypnotists get people to do things like cluck like chickens! (Which is weird!) But that's only a very tiny percent of how hypnosis is used. Also, only a small percent of people (outgoing people who actually want to) would actually cluck like a chicken on a stage in a room full of people. And stage hypnotists are very skilled at picking them.


When the hypnotic state is used in a Hypno-therapeutic setting, or even in self hypnosis, it is such a powerful tool we can all use to change our lives for the better, and that's not weird, it's wonderful! Also, if stage hypnotherapists can get people to cluck like chickens, imagine the power this tool has for other productive changes! Which is how I like to use it.

Are you going to get me to do something I don't want?

No, never. The way I use hypnotherapy depend on the person I'm with & the desired outcome, but oftentimes it might feel like a relaxing story time with pauses for your input - conversation's where you tell me what YOU are experiencing & I then work with you on what YOU want & need in order to move forward. 

Are you going to heal me?

Yes and no. I am going to guide you to heal yourself. 

What else can you tell me about what working with you?

I'm a gentle, permissive kind of therapist. I certainly will not force you to do anything, but don't mistake gentle for not being powerful. I'll work with you at your pace along your path. I'll be a guide on your own journey to get where you want & what you want.


Where and why did you become a Hypnotherapist and a Life Coach?

I have a background in Psychology. I studied it for 5 years in the U.K & the U.S.A, and I was considering becoming a Psychologist. However, I didn't want to work in a clinical setting with severe mental health issues. I wanted to work with the general population - & as funny as it might sound now (because where I live now in Australia there are 'heaps' of general Psychologists), back then, the path to doing that was not clear to me.


I also took it to heart when I was told that I was too young & inexperienced to help others & I should 'get some life experience'. Pretty soon, my life then led me into the arms of a narcissist!


During this time, I experienced hypnotherapy a few times and I always found it to be a fascinating experience. Then when I was struggling to move on from this relationship, I had a hypnotherapy session (energetic cord cutting). And I was blown away with the transformation. It really helped me leave the relationship in the past and reclaim my energy.

After the session, I had a light bulb moment. This was what I was wanted to be do with my life. I decided to become a hypnotherapist myself. Experiencing hypnotherapy had given me answers I had not found elsewhere. And there was something about the felt experience of it. Something inside me said 'this works' & it really intrigued me. 


I took my time getting to my own training, which I started a few years after in 2013 at the London Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.


I had wanted to heal myself first before working with others. But I've since realised it isn't about being fully healed, but perhaps instead about being 'healed enough' - healed enough to stop doing the dance with narcissists, healed enough to have healthier relationship, healed enough to make better choices e.t.c.

Since my initial training, I've added further training in hypnotherapy & life coaching, including the rewind trauma technique. This field intrigues me so much & I always enjoy learning more through further study, courses, reading, and life experience. 

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"Working with Marie was life changing!"
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"I really, really want to recommend to you to work with Marie-Claire if you've been through narcissistic abuse, she knows her stuff."
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"So powerful!

I went through so much healing in only one session."


revelation therapy
with marie-claire

Not Sure What You Need?  Let's Connect. 

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