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How long does it take to heal from narcissistic abuse?

You may wonder, how long is it going to take to heal from narcissistic abuse? Healing isn’t glamorous, it isn’t fun, and you may question if it is worthwhile. I certainly did.

Healing is the ONLY way

The truth is, once you realize what a narcissist is, and realize you’ve been narcissistically abused, if you want to make sure you don’t encounter this again in the future, the only option is to take the healing journey. Not just to get over the initial shock and trauma, but to completely reprogram yourself and your life. Yes, it sucks, but the silver lining is, you will prevent yourself from encountering this kind of abuse in the future, and you will be more secure, confident and happy, more YOURself than you’ve ever been before.

It’s a hard question...

I’ve heard two years as a figure suggested as a healing time to recover from narcissistic abuse. It’s a hard question because there are degrees of narcissism and codependence. We are all different. And it definitely is a journey.

Time isn't the most important part

On my journey I realized the time wasn’t the most important part. If an emotionally healthy person encountered a difficult event in their life, they would approach it from a healthy perspective, allowing themselves to feel their feelings, and supporting themselves by being patient and understanding. Once I committed to my recovery, I realized, even in those very first moments of being present with and supporting my emotions, I was healing, and in effect, I already was emotionally healthy, not in two years time, but now.

It's more important to make a start

It is an ongoing journey but the very hardest part is the start. The moment you accept your situation and take a healthy approach to it, you are well on your way.

Sending love and positivities, Marie-Claire x

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