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6 Things I Learned From The Narcissist

People say we learn so much from our challenge experiences, (like experiencing narcissistic abuse).

But it can be hard to think of what we actually learned from some of the most negative people in our lives, or some of our most challenging experiences, especially if those events are still affecting us.

I learned so much about myself and the world when I started and continued to heal from narcissistic abuse, but this got me thinking, what did I actually learn directly from the narcissists in my life?

Find out 6 things I learned from the narcissist in this video.

I truly believe that when we heal from narcissistic abuse and take the lessons we learned with us, we are no longer a match for relationships with narcissists. And we become free to take control of our lives, and create and live the life we deserve.

Thank you so much for supporting Revelation Therapy's You Tube channel. You can absolutely heal from narcissistic abuse, and you 100% deserve to.

Sending love & positivities, Marie xx

Check out the links below for free healing resources: **Freebies** As I mentioned in the video, you can download your workbook to heal from narcissistic abuse and connect back to yourself here: And get your free healing checklist here https://healingchecklist.revelationth​... Also, you can join the Facebook group “Transform Your Life After Narcissistic Abuse With Marie Claire” here:​... To find out more about working with Marie on your healing journey, see:…​ You Can find Revelation Therapy on Most Social Media! Instagram: @revelationtherapy


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