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Feeling Like You Don't Deserve To Heal From Narcissistic Abuse?

Feeling like you don’t deserve to heal from narcissistic abuse is a symptom of, or an effect of narcissistic abuse.

If you feel unworthy of healing, in this video I walk you through a process to start feeling, believing and knowing that you do deserve to heal from narcissistic abuse, on every level!

This video is part “Wisdomosity Wednesday” - A healing series where I share one healing strategy at a time, to help you heal from narcissistic abuse.

**Freebies** As I mentioned in the video, you can download your workbook to heal from narcissistic abuse and connect back to yourself here:

Get your free healing checklist here https://healingchecklist.revelationth...

Also, you can join the Facebook group “Transform Your Life After Narcissistic Abuse With Marie Claire” here:

To find out more about working with Marie on your healing journey, see:

Thank you so much for watching, commenting, subscribing, and supporting this channel. You can absolutely heal from narcissistic abuse, and you 100% deserve to. Marie xx


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