Valentines Month Special Announcement:

My Gift To You...

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. I am so excited to let you know that I am running a free workshop on Dating After Narcissistic Abuse. We will cover

  • Relationship myths that keep people stuck

  • How to clear your past to make room for something new

  • How to manifest your ideal partner! 

  • And the practical dating strategies that tie this all together - including how to date safely to avoid toxic people

  • Plus so much more!

The workshop is completely free!

But the information in this workshop is completely priceless! It enabled me to find the love of my life after many toxic relationships. In the future, this information will only be available as part of a paid course.


I can't wait to share this with you!!

The workshop took place on 1-5th March 2021 inside the Revelation Therapy private facebook group.

It's not too late for you to join and get the training. See you inside the group xx

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Hi, I’m Marie!

I help people overcome toxic relationships, narcissistic abuse and low self worth by healing emotionally, becoming self empowered, and finding love, within themselves and with others, so that they can manifest the life and the relationships they desire - the life they truly deserve.

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Welcome to the online home of Revelation Therapy with Marie-Claire. 


If you’ve found yourself here, maybe you've been in a relationship with someone "a bit difficult or selfish" - (maybe this is putting it lightly!) Some people call this type of person a narcissist.

A narcissist is not able to consistently see, hear, empathize with, respect or treat you as an individual with your own thoughts, feelings and needs. 


At times, narcissists can behave very badly and it can come as a massive shock. Narcissistic behaviours include lying, not taking responsibility for their actions, blaming, shaming, competing with or sabotaging you, making you doubt your own reality, temper tantrums, silent treatments, withholding affection and a lack of empathy (ooph, that's a lot!).


Being on the receiving end of this unpleasant cocktail of bad behaviour is called narcissistic abuse.

And narcissistic abuse can occur in any kind of relationship, whether romantic, with a family member, at work or with someone else. 

Narcissistic abuse can have you feeling a range of emotions from frustrated to confused, angry, sad, ashamed, numb - and possibly more! 


There can also be long-term effects such as self doubt, anxiety and people pleasing.

It's my passion to work with people who are navigating the challenges that come as a result of these relationships.

"Narcissism - it's all about them

Healing - it's all about YOU!"


The Most Important Relationship, Is Your Relationship With Yourself

As a result of narcissistic abuse, we become disconnected from ourselves.


On top of the abuse we have suffered, this disconnection can feel really bad AND it can have widespread effects in our life.

When we feel 'less than' we can attract and engage with others in ways that can reinforce our negative beliefs about ourselves.

This can become a perpetual pattern of unfulfilling, emotionally unavailable, toxic or abusive relationships.


Whether you have been in one of these relationships, or many, this calls for healing, especially on an emotional level. 

When we heal ourselves from the inside out, we become self empowered to set the standards for our life and how we will be treated.

In effect, the better our relationship with ourself = the better our relationship to life and to others.


Q. So what does it mean to Heal and be Self-Empowered? 

To be Self-Empowered is to take control of ourselves and our lives, to understand ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses, have belief in ourselves, and ultimately, to love and accept who we are.


When we are Self-Empowered we are a source of support to ourselves and we no longer seek support and validation in the wrong places. We can then open ourselves up to truly give and receive from others in a healthy way.

With healing, we can be free from our past so we can feel empowered in the present and create our desired future. A future including healthy, fulfilling relationships, with ourselves and with others, (and whatever else we want!)

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