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Hi there,
I'm Marie...


Welcome to the online home of Revelation Therapy with me, Marie-Claire. 

I'm a Psychology graduate, hypnotherapist & coach. I help highly sensitive people who have experienced narcissistic abuse to move on & heal so they can have healthy relationships, find inner peace, feel good enough be themselves, start living life on their terms, - and feel loved for it!


Transform Your Life

- One Self Empowered Step At A Time

What Have You Experienced?

Have you been in an unhealthy, toxic or narcissistic relationship? Or you're just downright confused whether you have?

In this
 relationship, not only did you feel unsupported, you also felt hurt & rejected?

Do you also identify as being a highly sensitive person?

You opened your heart & put your trust in someone, only to fall, flat onto your face. At best, this was disappointing. At worst, this was excruciatingly painful.

To make matters worse, They probably didn't seem to care.
But you haven't been the same since.

It affected every area of your life - romantic relationships, career, friendships, family, leisure time, self esteem & confidence e.t.c. let alone your ability to live in the present moment - unchained to the past, & feel free to do things for the simple pleasure of it. 

If you relate to this, I'm so sorry that you have experienced that, and that it really didn't work out how you had hoped, and for the knock on effects that come along with that. 

Please know that you can find relief so that you can create the life and the relationships you desire.

Not only do you want to get over this, you want to live a life filled with love, support, joy & purpose.

Because deep down, you have a desire to give & receive love & support - and have it feel natural, easy and flowing

You want to feel nurtured & protected & confident to be yourself - without feeling selfish for wanting what you want!

You want to stop feeling so needy, craving validation & approval, giving yourself away to people who can't love you back, loosing yourself to fantasy relationships, feeling confused and overthinking situations, & being so deeply affected by insensitive people. You want to stop doing all the things to try to please others, and start doing the things that you want to do, right now! - without feeling afraid, guilty, obligated, ashamed, embarrassed or 'not good enough'.

Your Life Is Now! And You Want To Life It, Fully!

You Want To:

  Stop being consumed by negative people
Move on from toxic situations - with ease
Stop idolising, fantasising & putting people on pedestals
Stop living in hope that someone will come & rescue you
Move on from the grief, loss & hopelessness
Start having supportive, fulfilling relationships

Be free from the fear and anxiety of what others do, say or think about you
Stand up for yourself - without feeling guilty
Stop distracting yourself with an endless list of tasks / goals that leave you feeling empty
End your unhealthy relationship with food, shopping {insert other addiction here}

Feel capable of taking care of yourself & 'adulting'
Start enjoying and really embodying your true self 
Have friends and people around you who lift you up

Find fulfilment in a career, hobbies, people & creative pursuits that you actually enjoy

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Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Marie. And in my past, I experienced narcissistic abuse over and over and over again. All the knowledge I accumulated, including a degree in Psychology, didn't protect me from getting into toxic relationships.


But when I learned how to:

  • Detox myself from the narcissist

  • Heal

  • Overcome the reasons I had been playing out narcissistic abuse on repeat

My life changed - permanently & drastically - for the better.


I've completed training in clinical hypnotherapy and coaching and I love working with others who have experienced narcissistic abuse so they too can heal & uncover the life they truly desire, & truly deserve.


My clients come from all stages of the narcissistic abuse recovery journey. Whether they are:

  • Just discovering they might be in a toxic relationship

  • Freeing themselves from an addition to someone toxic

  • Finally letting go of a long standing pattern of being attracted to inappropriate people

Some are coaches themselves, and they want to continue building on prior healing work so they can unlock their full potential in their career or in love and relationships. 


There is no limit to how your life can transform for the better. 


Whatever their goals, they all want the same thing - to stop feeling unworthy, stop feeling held back by negativity they've unwittingly absorbed from others, stop fearing rejection & the 'repercussions' of them simply living their life, stop being held back from having a fulfilling relationship(s) and a fulfilling life.


They want to to be free from their past - so they can feel comfortable being themselves and living life on their terms. They want to find love and be in a genuine healthy loving REALationship. They want to be loved and approved of for who they truly are. They want to feel confident and empowered to stick up for themselves, to express themselves how they want - and not worry about what people think. And they want to spend their time living their passions, sharing their gifts with the world & having a peaceful, yet abundant life.



Download One of My Powerful Freebies

to Start Healing Now.

Free Workbook

Free Checklist

If you feel overwhelmed about how to do the actual healing work to recover from narcissistic abuse, download the workbook full of simple exercises you can start right now to connect with yourself and become your own greatest healer

Discover what steps are involved in healing and transforming your life after narcissistic abuse. Download the healing checklist to keep by your side along your journey as a healing 'roadmap' . It also includes some powerful bonuses to kickstart - or supercharge your healing!


Free CheatSheet

If you want to strengthen your boundaries & actually know what words to say to set them - download the simple to implement 4-step boundary process. 

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Let's Get Clear.

What Is A Narcissist? & What Is Narcissistic Abuse?

Like I mentioned, if you’ve found yourself here, you've probably been in a relationship where you felt unsupported, hurt & rejected. This relationship seemed to start off great but over time cracks in the relationship (& cracks in their behaviour) started to show, & the initial high was followed by a cycle of many painful lows.


This relationship was with someone you'd maybe describe as "a bit difficult or selfish" - (this maybe putting it very lightly!)


And some people call this type of person a narcissist.

My Quick Definition Of A Narcissist:

A narcissist is not able to consistently see, hear, empathize with, respect or treat you as an individual with your own thoughts, feelings and needs. 


At times, narcissists can behave very badly and it can come as a massive shock. Narcissistic behaviours (which account for the 'lows' in the relationship) include lying, not taking responsibility for their actions, blaming, shaming, competing with or sabotaging you, making you doubt your own reality, temper tantrums, silent treatments, withholding affection, manipulation, control and a lack of empathy (ooph, that's a lot!).


Being on the receiving end of this unpleasant cocktail of bad behaviour is called narcissistic abuse.

And narcissistic abuse can occur in any kind of relationship, whether romantic, with a family member, at work or with someone else. 

Narcissistic abuse can have you feeling a range of emotions from frustrated to confused, angry, sad, ashamed, numb - and more! 


There can also be long-term effects such as self doubt, anxiety and people pleasing.

Unfortunately, you may have already discovered that a relationship with a narcissist doesn't result in a regular kind of heartbreak (as if regular heartbreaks aren't already painful enough!).


A relationship with a narcissist results in a kind of heartbreak & love ache - on steroids. The pain of these kind of relationships is next level. 


And so the things that would help to naturally heal the heart break or loss of a healthy relationship, like the passing of time, simply don't work to nearly the same effect when that relationship was with a narcissist. 

It's emotionally & mentally EXHAUSTING. Trying to heal and figure it all out.


You know something needs to change. But when it comes to healing and moving on, your mind and body seem wired to keep experiencing discomfort, & more of what you've experienced before.


And you know you don't want that.


Watching videos and reading articles on narcissistic abuse helped you understand part of the problem, but they doesn't help you actually make the specific changes you need in your life to move on. And positive thinking, attempts at self care and other solutions you've tried are just band-aid solutions at best.

That's where I come into it.


I know what it's been like to be in a relationship with a narcissist, & feel powerless & stuck - unable to move on, or even take care of myself, and unable to stop the cycle of attracting - & be attracted to narcissistic individuals. But I also know how to overcome these hurdles & actually move on, let go of the addiction, heal, & invite healthy relationships & experiences into my life.

I've spent a couple of decades learning about psychology, narcissism & recovery, & implementing what I've learned to heal & improve my own life, & for the last few years I've been doing the same with my clients.

There's a world of peace, love, acceptance & full-filling relationships, on the other side of your healing. The question is, are you ready & willing to take the journey to get there?

You Aren't Broken & Need Fixing
You Have Been Wounded & Need Healing

If you want to live a life where you feel confident, loved, supported & at ease, you can have it. It's not a dream. It's more than possible to feel confident, calm, loved & supported.  You are capable of healing, showing up with a mindset to unlearn what's no longer working, & relearn what will work. You just need some support and tools to help you to get your mind and your body on the same page.  

My work isn't about a band aid solutions, It's about grounded strategies, deep emotional healing & mental breakthroughs.


We get to the root of why you are suffering & pull it out by it's roots, allowing space for your new life to grow.


We aren't meant to navigate this alone. 

If you want change, you need to change. If you want something different, you need to do something different.  

I'm here to help you learn how. 

Where Are You At Right Now? 

What best describes you between the three options below?
1. You are recognising that there is (or was) a narcissist in your life & you are trying to deal with & get over it.
If this was a romantic relationship, there is nothing more devastating then feeling like you've met 'the one' one day, then being consumed with hurt & doubt the next. You feel like a piece of crap, riddled with confusion, fear, & painful abandonment. You want to move on & go & stay 'no contact' but you are struggling because you just feel so addicted and powerless to them. You spend a lot of your time ruminating & you have wondered if there's anything that could have produced a different outcome. You feel like a shell of yourself, anxious, fearful & discombobulated. You feel pretty hopeless, & your self care has gone out the window. You've fantasised (more than once) about the start of the relationship & if theres anything you could do to get the nice guy or girl that you met in the beginning - back.

If this is you & you want to finally break free, move on with ease & rebuild yourself , NARC DETOX coaching can help you. 

2. The narcissist is gone! You're over them! (woohoo!), but you realise you have a tendency to focus on pleasing others & it's leaving you unfulfilled.
You find yourself craving validation & approval, pleasing others but feeling unsatisfied & unsupported in return in your relationships.

What was once an outer narcissist has become an inner resistance inside of you - preventing you from feeling confident, knowing yourself, & expressing yourself. Plus there's just a lot of past stuff to process in order to express yourself & life your life more fully. You are afraid to put yourself first without feeling guilty, selfish or shamed. 

Whenever you found someone in the past, you've stayed attached to them
way longer than the expiry date of the relationship - trying to make the best out of crumbs of love. 
Maybe you take breaks from dating & heal from that relationship, you move on, you learn the red flags e.t.c, only to find yourself attracted to or tangled up with another inappropriate person, or just someone emotionally unavailable. You might feel fine on your own, but whenever you go back to dating, (or even just in life in general) you end up with a familiar feeling of disappointment. It's so frustrating. You feel like nothings changed. You want nothing more than to stop this cycle & invite healthier people into your life - plus someone special that actually sticks around to show you consistently that they love, care and support you. But you just can't get there, you know something needs to change.

Perhaps in your past you have only ever really been attracted to narcissistic people or you stayed attached to one far too long & endured so much pain when you 'should have left'B. You are single again & you keep attracting narcissists or other inappropriate people & experiencing irritation & discomfort over & over again!

If this is you & you want to finally change the pattens that have kept you stuck dating narcissists so you can break free from unsatisfying relationships - for good! Check Out the Heal Inside Out coaching program.

Life changing is an understatement.

3. You've done your share of healing work already & now want to date & find love - the fun, healthy, safe, & empowering way?
You've got over the narcissist, you've 'done your time' being single, you've spent significant time focused on healing yourself. Now you want to figure out dating & finding love so can finally have that love relationship. You are ready - (or ready to get ready!) - to date & welcome true love into your life!

 If this is you & you want to make life changing shifts & implement powerful dating strategy so you can allow real love into your life, check out the Love Life coaching program. 

"Narcissism - it's all about them

Healing - it's all about YOU!"

Are you ready to make your life about you?



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"So Much Healing In Only One Session"


I had my first coaching session with the fabulous Marie yesterday and it was so powerful!

Felt like I went through so much healing in only one session. She has a beautiful, super empathetic way to guide you while still standing up for your highest self. If you've been through narcissistic abuse, I really, really want to recommend to you to work with Marie-Claire. She knows her stuff and she understands what it means to have been through this kind of abuse and pain. Can't wait for my next session

Jessi C

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"I Have Not Contacted The Narcissist For 4 Months"

"Before working with Marie I was really struggling with breaking free from an interaction with a narcissist who had been in my life for 8 years. I was unsure if Marie would be able to fully understand my struggles, but I was proved wrong. Marie really has the ability to empathize with clients. 

Since the psychic cord cutting session I have not contacted the narcissist for 4 months. This is a big achievement. Marie really validated my experience which was a huge thing for me, and she also made connections and helped me understand things at a deeper level. Thank you Marie! 

I would recommend Marie & her services to anyone who wants to heal from narcissistic abuse or anyone who feels stuck and wants to move forward with their lives. You won’t regret it!"

Anonymous, Energetic Cord Cutting 

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"I Feel At Home With Myself."


Since having hypnotherapy with Marie, I really feel the difference. I’m more cheerful and energetic and I feel at home with myself and in my decisions for myself.


I’m also more organised. I have a plan for my day, and I execute my plan, whereas before I was stuck in a fear response. I felt frozen and I couldn’t concentrate and get anything done. 


I’ve been trying new things and enjoying myself more. I also do things that are healthy for me and I feel really proud of myself.


The process we did in hypnotherapy felt so great and I was surprised by how much of a big impact it has had in my life. Marie was born to do this!

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