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What has commitment got to do with healing from narcissistic abuse?

One of the first steps to healing from narcissistic abuse is deciding that you are going to. Commitment has everything to do with healing! Prioritize your healing. It sounds simple but making this commitment was one of the hardest things for me on my journey. I’d never been into commitment (I’ve never even had a mobile cell phone contract!) But taking responsibility for your own healing is key.

This commitment transformed my life.

Before that, I collected information about narcissism, codependency and how one might heal, but I never actually applied it. I was an expert on my problem but an amateur at solving it.

You may wonder, "how can I overcome this?"

I don’t even know where to start? When you make it your mission to have healthy relationships with yourself and others, you start on a healing path that will become clear as you go.

“I am committed to my healing journey.”

Write a reminder to yourself now for EVERY DAY in your diary, or somewhere you will see it, “I am committed to my healing journey.” This needs to be a message you see and repeat everyday. Along the way, there were times where my commitment wavered, but these daily reminders and focus brought me back on track, and they will for you too x

Sending hugs and positivities, Marie-Claire x

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