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The Rewind Technique

"Escape the stress of painful memories & reduce your anxiety or PTSD"

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Location 1

Service Description

The Rewind technique is one of the most effective ways to treat Post Traumatic, or Complex Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms. This technique can significantly relieve fear, anxiety and repetitive flashbacks or negative thoughts after a particularly stressful event or series of events (such as from a toxic relationship). You can expect to see a major improvement after only one session and this technique brings about a lasting sense of calm, peacefulness and safety, allowing you to confidently move on with living your life. Research results for the Rewind Technique. One study carried out by the Human Givens Institute in the UK showed the following results: 40% of clients rated rewind as extremely successful. 53% rated it as successful. 7% rated it as acceptable. (Study size: 30 people) No one rated the Rewind Technique poor or as a failure. Prior to rewind, on average clients rated their well being as 12 out of 50. Seven to 10 days after treatment, the average score was 30.3 out of 50. Three to six months later, the average score was 32.2. This represents an improvement of 167.4 per cent on their original ratings. Here's What A Previous Rewind Client Said: "This memory used to really upset me. But now it just feels like a distant memory. It is just something that happened in my past, but now I feel calm and it just doesn't bother me anymore. It's just something that happened" Jess This technique is gentle and uses guided imagery so you will not need to re-experience or relive stressful event(s) - or even tell me what happened if you'd prefer not to. Even if you are not sure what specific events have caused you stress, this technique can still be used for beneficial results. Please allow up to 2 hours for this session. How many sessions will you need? Between 1-3 sessions. You will have significant results from just one session.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule you need to contact Marie at least 12 hours in advance of your appointment. Mare's time zone is Perth Australia time. If you are in a different timezone you will have the option to change the time zone when booking on the calendar. Please ensure you book the correct time zone. View full Terms & Conditions at

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