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Psychic / Energetic Cord Cutting

"Release your addiction to the narcissist and take back your energy."

Stop Your "No Contact" Struggle In One Session 

You wan't to move but you can't stop thinking about them. You won't stop thinking about them, no matter what you try. You want to move on, but you are struggling. You know this person is not good for you. And you feel exhausted, tired, depleted or depressed. You just don't feel like yourself anymore.

Stop feeding the narcissist your energy and become "Narc no more" in this powerful psychic / energetic cord cutting session that utilizes the state of hypnosis. You will feel where you are giving your energy away and we will cut the chords of attachment and the toxic ties that have bonded you to the narcissist. Detoxify yourself from their negative energy. You will take back your life force, your energy, your focus and your personal power.

If you are feeling particularly addicted or trauma bonded to someone: This session will help you immensely to c
ut the toxic connection to an emotional vampire, and to regain your energy. You will feel significantly more restored and more 'yourself.'


"I Have Not Contacted The Narcissist For 4 Months"

"Before working with Marie I was really struggling with breaking free from an interaction with a narcissist who had been in my life for 8 years. I was unsure if Marie would be able to fully understand my struggles, but I was proved wrong. Marie really has the ability to empathize with clients. 

Since the psychic cord cutting session I have not contacted the narcissist for 4 months. This is a big achievement. Marie really validated my experience which was a huge thing for me, and she also made connections and helped me understand things at a deeper level. Thank you Marie! 

I recommend Marie & her services to anyone who wants to heal from narcissistic abuse or anyone who feels stuck and wants to move forward with their lives. You won’t regret it!"

Anonymous, Psychic / Energetic Cord Cutting Session


"I Feel Like Myself Again"

"Before working with Marie I really wanted to go no contact with a narcissist but I felt like I had no control over myself and I kept going back to them.


After the session, I felt like myself again. I haven't felt this good in years - since before I was with the narcissist. The results were immediate and lasting. I can finally breathe a big sign of relief. If you are ready to break free, but struggling to do it on your own, I highly recommend Psychic cord cutting with Marie!​

Anonymous, Psychic / Energetic Cord Cutting Session

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