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Why Do You Need To Heal From Narcissistic Abuse?

As a result of narcissistic abuse, we become disconnected from ourselves.


On top of the abuse we have suffered, this disconnection can feel really bad AND it can have widespread effects in our life.

When we feel 'less than' we can attract and engage with others in ways that can reinforce our negative beliefs about ourselves.

This can become a perpetual pattern of unfulfilling, emotionally unavailable, toxic or abusive relationships.


Whether you have been in one of these relationships, or many, this calls for healing, especially on an emotional, psychological and even on a spiritual level (if you gave too much of yourself away to someone who didn't protect you - it's time to take those parts of yourself back). 

When we heal ourselves from the inside out, we become self empowered to set the standards for our life and how we will be treated.

In effect, the better our relationship with ourself = the better our relationship to life and to others.

The Most Important Relationship, Is Your Relationship With Yourself

But if you have experienced narcissistic abuse, you have been led to believe otherwise.


Feeling like you always need to be helping & giving to others & never getting anything in return because 'it's selfish' is an effect of narcissistic abuse. The irony is, we can learn to believe it's narcissistic to put ourselves first. (Despite every aircraft you've ever boarded reminding people to take care of their own needs first before helping others. With narcissistic abuse - we didn't get that memo. Whilst you've been busy care taking everyone else - who has been looking after you? Nobody. And how do you feel as a result? Pretty worthless, life less & crap, right? THIS IS WHY HEALING IS SO NECESSARY. To undo this damaging beliefs.

Q. So what does it mean to Heal and be Self-Empowered? 

To be Self-Empowered is to take control of ourselves and our lives, to understand ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses, have belief in ourselves, and ultimately, to love and accept who we are.


When we are Self-Empowered we are a source of support to ourselves, we approve of ourself, validate and back ourself, and then we no longer seek support and validation in the wrong places. We can then open ourselves up to truly give and receive from others in a healthy way.

With healing, we can be free from our past so we can feel empowered in the present and create our desired future. A future including healthy, fulfilling relationships, with ourselves and with others, (and whatever else we want!)

"Such A Powerful Transformation"

Marie has such a warm and compassionate personality. She makes you feel seen and understood while holding you up to the version of you you are thriving for. During my work with Marie, I felt like she knew exactly the kind of pain I had experienced in the past and I loved the way she guided me through that darkness and with her hypnotherapy into a lighter version of myself. Her hypnotherapy style is very calming and I love listening to her voice while she guides me through strong transformations

I can really see the change the sessions with Marie had on my life. I was willing to step up for myself and what I want & need in a way that I hadn’t before. Before working with Marie, I tended to fall into a lot of people-pleasing especially with the people in my life that I love. But you can’t pretend to be someone else just so that people continue to love you. For me that meant breaking up my relationship and leaving a business I started with a friend. These decisions opened my life up to more freedom and gave me the chance to explore what I want and who I truly am on an even deeper level.


I can highly recommend working with Marie. If you are willing to change, she will be a compassionate guide and she will offer you such a powerful transformation with her hypnotherapy & coaching.


Jessi C

"Powerful... Lasting Results That I Am Still Benefiting From"

Before working with Marie, I was struggling with a lack of emotional support in my life. My circumstances were bringing up a lot of past pain and trauma that I realised I hadn’t fully dealt with.

I knew I needed support to process these past experiences in a safe container and this is when I discovered Marie’s Inside Out program. My sessions with Marie helped me feel heard and seen. She has such a warm and calming presence and I felt very safe to fully express myself with her and that’s exactly what I was looking for, especially since I had some trauma to unpack. 


I really appreciated the combination of coaching and hypnosis that Marie provided in our sessions because it gave me the opportunity to express myself and then go in and dig a little deeper and heal my past wounds. The combination was powerful and gave me lasting results that I am still benefiting from.


Thanks to the Inside Out program and working with Marie, I now have the communication skills and confidence I need to express myself so my emotions don’t become suppressed and I also know how to set healthy boundaries with others. This has not only helped me to take the next step forward as an entrepreneur, but it has also helped me to improve my relationship with myself, my romantic partnership, my friendships, and my family relationships, which has been a huge bonus! I have more confidence to do things outside of my comfort zone and to take action steps to live my dreams now!


I highly recommend working with Marie if you’re someone who would like to heal from the inside out and strengthen yourself and your relationships along the way!

Heather W

"Real Healing"


While I have done a lot of healing and therapy modalities, I found hypnotherapy with Marie to be inexplicably effective in releasing and relieving the sensations in my body and anxieties in my psyche. Marie is a fantastic facilitator, creating a relaxing and healing experience I would recommend to anyone. She has an amazing way of holding space and intuiting what is needed for the moment to facilitate real healing work. I can’t wait to observe the lasting and continued effects of this technique! Thank you, Marie!

Tabitha B



"Really Helped Me Heal"

I am absolutely loving the Dating After Narcissistic Abuse course! I’m getting so much out of it! I I’ve watched the 1st video 3 times! I’m completing the workbook before I move onto the next lesson because this way I will get the most out of this course. Thank you so much Marie, you’ve really helped me heal already.





Marie's voice is Hypnotheraperfect!!!!


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